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Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon (Gameboy Color) English translation
This game is a half sequel, half spinoff to Tales of Phantasia. It begins around 100 years or so after the 'main' game's present time in an extremely super deformed version of the same world. Being a spinoff, it's a randomly generated dungeon RPG and is more focused on gameplay than story.

Project news (2/1/06)
Still need ASM hacking and help with the reverse engineering. I need some help figuring out dialogue pointers and real DTE might be necessary. I'd absolutely love a VWF if at all possible...

Current staff
Cless:Coordinator, hacking, reverse-engineering, minor translator, webmaster

Former staff, helpers, and other credits
prez:Hacking, reverse-engineering
DDS:Main Translator

Screen shots


Contact information
If you have a question not listed or interested in helping in an available staff position, contact me here.


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